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for Disputes, Contracts, & More

Trust Grunau Law Office PLLC for Litigation Matters in WV

One of the many ways Grunau Law Office serves the community is through our work in general litigation. West Virginia law covers many different types of situations, from business, to real estate, and contracts. David M. Grunau is a skilled negotiator who works with clients to settle disputes. When you need a lawyer to represent you on matters related to liens, he is a strong lawyer you can trust to help you resolve the matter. Grunau Law Office fights for the civil rights of clients in the Morgantown, West Virginia region. Arrange to speak with David M. Grunau today by calling (304) 291-6166, toll-free at (877) 291-6166, or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

General Litigation in the Morgantown, WV, Region by Grunau Law Office

Contact us at Grunau Law Office in Morgantown, WV, for these types of general litigation matters:

Boundary Line Disputes
Breach of Contract
Business Litigation

Contract disputes
Landlord-Tenant Issues
Mechanics Liens

Property Damage
Small Claims

Guidance on General Litigation Matters, Claims, and Disputes

General legal matters for West Virginia residents and business owners do not have to take up your valuable time. Contact Grunau Law Office PLLC for the guidance and representation you need on general litigation in West Virginia. Our firm is here to help you or your business on any existing matter. Small claims, property damage, and liens are just some of the types of matters that can be resolved out of court.

Negotiate Rather than Litigate with Grunau Law Office

Consult with David Grunau if you need assistance on such general litigation matters as responding to a lawsuit, if you need to seek damages, or enforce a contract. Grunau Law Office seeks ways to find ways to negotiate settlements with the other party. This can potentially resolve matters faster than taking them into court, and save you added legal fees. Call Grunau Law Office PLLC today to settle general litigation matters.

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