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Families with children always need to look out for their best interests, and this is even more true when parents separate, divorce, or marry a new spouse who already has children from a previous marriage. Blending families can also mean juggling visitation schedules and other support-related matters. Grunau Law Office PLLC in Morgantown, West Virginia, serves families throughout the region. Arrange to speak with David M. Grunau today by calling (304) 291-6166, toll-free at (877) 291-6166, or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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Divorce in WV: Protective, Separation, Divorce, and Spousal Support

Relationships between married partners can involve several phases where legal services become a necessity. Grunau Law Office is here to help you secure protective orders for or against a family member who may be abusive toward another. We help spouses who seek mediation and representation in separation, divorce, or who need spousal support. Speak with David Grunau about your circumstances today and know where you stand.

Parental Matters: Child Custody, Child Support, and Modifications

When children are part of a marriage going through separation and divorce, part of the mediation and agreements relate to child custody and child support. Grunau Law Office can also help with modifications to these agreements when needed, to protect your parental rights and obligations.

Add to Your Family: Adoption, Grandparent Rights, and Guardianship

Families take on greater roles today, so Grunau Law Office can represent you in family law matters pertaining to adoption or guardianship. Grandparents may seek to file as guardians or conservators for grandchildren or other family members. Family members may seek guardianship or conservatorship for family members who may need caregiver or financial protection due to age or disability. Consult with Grunau Law Office today.

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