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to Protect Your Rights

Outstanding Defense You Need Against DUI or DWI Charges

As law enforcement covers the area with traffic stops and sobriety checkpoints, greater numbers of residents may find themselves facing a DUI or DWI offense. How do you defend yourself and protect your rights against DUI and DWI charges? Clients throughout the Morgantown, WV, region receive outstanding defense from Grunau Law Office PLLC. Contact us today at (304) 291-6166, or toll-free at (877) 291-6166, or email us online to schedule your free consultation.

First DUI Matter? Grunau Law Office Protects Your Rights

Whether this is your first DUI, or you have a history of DWI in West Virginia, Grunau Law Office PLLC offers the smart defense strategy to protect your rights. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor DUI, it remains on your record. Take advantage of meeting with attorney David M. Grunau to review your DUI and know what you can do to best protect your rights. Your best defense comes from a lawyer with criminal law experience who knows the local legal system in the Morgantown, WV, region.

DUI Defense in West Virginia by Grunau Law Office PLLC

DUI defense matters accepted at Grunau Law Office receive the utmost care. We take the time to examine several aspects of the circumstances surrounding the matter. This opens avenues for your DUI defense that can provide effective approaches for preserving your rights. While a DUI arrest is not the same as a conviction, these are serious matters that require knowledge and expertise that you will find at Grunau Law Office.

DUI Defense Tips to Know from Grunau

DUI & DWI Offense Tips to Know from Grunau Law Office PLLC

Grunau Law Office reminds clients that a DUI arrest is not a minor matter. Call our office toll-free today at (877) 291-6166 for legal representation. We offer the following helpful tips to remember:

A DUI conviction under WV law can affect your future, so you need guidance from a strong attorney right away.

Be sure to note the reason you were pulled over and the type of field sobriety test the officers administer.

Persons convicted of DUI offense may face the following possible penalties:

Community service
Court fees
Filing an SR-22

Installing an ignition interlock device.
License suspension.
Mandatory DUI classes.

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