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Upholds Your Freedom

Clients Trust Grunau Law Office to Protect Against Discrimination

Independence is the key freedom all citizens enjoy. When your experience meets with discrimination in the community, it can have a negative effect on your life and family. You have civil rights, and when it is necessary to uphold them, you need a strong lawyer you can trust to help you resolve the matter. Grunau Law Office fights for the civil rights of clients in the Morgantown, West Virginia region. Speak with attorney David M. Grunau today by calling (304) 291-6166, toll-free at (877) 291-6166, or email us online to schedule your free consultation.

Discrimination in West Virginia Comes in Many Forms

To uphold your personal freedom in West Virginia, you may need to meet with a lawyer to assert your civil rights against discrimination. In the state of West Virginia, discrimination comes in many forms, such as:

Ethnic Origin

Mental Disability
Physical Disability

Sexual Orientation

It is more than unfortunate when a person’s appearance or speech can elicit a negative or discriminatory response in someone else. This type of prejudicial action is unlawful and infringes on the personal freedom we all enjoy. Take the necessary step and talk with lawyer David Grunau today to find out more about the violation to your civil rights and what can be done to rectify it.

Grunau Law Office Stands by Your Side on Civil Rights Matters

Fast action is the first step you should take when you believe your civil rights have been violated, so contact the Grunau Law Office in Morgantown. We are on your side, and open to civil rights cases for many types of issues. We evaluate your matter to determine the best stance based on your situation. Whether the discrimination focuses on sexual orientation, race, or religious affiliation, allow us to stand up for your basic rights and freedoms under the law.

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